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About Us

World’s Greatest Communities

World’s Greatest Communities Incorporated’s (WGCI) is organized to provide ideas, solutions, and resources for adults and children through economic development, housing, and technology to build an excellent quality of life that will endure.

The organization focuses on helping those who have a desire to build a better, sustainable life to achieve these goals. These enthusiasts are matched with experts and educators who will enlighten them on the traditional methods and today’s methods for getting things done.

In short, WGCI helps experts looking to build their business, to educate workers, to keep consumers to become better informed, and to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to develop skills that will lead to a level excellence and self-reliance that contributes to their ability to enjoy a brighter, self-reliant future.

The staff of World’s Greatest Communities Incorporated consists of experienced Community Builders. They have managed many top notched teams that have successfully provided homes and developed neighborhoods that have housed thousands of families.

Knowledge gained while serving as an executive and an entrepreneur in the Construction and Real Estate industries has afforded them access to a number of resources and systems to produce homes and buildings that served the needs of homeowners across this country.

Its founder, Walter Gordy, has used his education in Architectural and Design Technology and years of experience in the Construction and Real Estate Industries to learn what our communities need. He inspires others to continually introduce fresh ideas and new methods to better serve those who want to build a better life.

Working with other enterprising individuals and organizations who share this passion helps to accelerate the pace at which a greater positive impact can be achieved by funding feasible projects that make a meaningful impact.

Solid economic development, quality affordable housing, and efforts to leverage today’s technology are essential elements for building stronger communities. It is upon this foundation that World’s Greatest Communities seeks to find ways to provide a better future for our families.

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