World’s Greatest Communities


Economic Development

World’s Greatest Communities Incorporated (WGCI) is committed to a legacy of development that will benefit people today as well as future generations. A stable environment for our communities is essential.Addressing the needs of local people that allow them to enjoy a livable, comfortable community is best achieved through effective economic development.


Utilizing many years of expertise in construction, WGCI works in conjunction with local stakeholders and Read More

Suitably Located Basic Services

Through WGCI expertise and alliances with real estate specialists, prospective facilities are developed from existing Read More


The creation of vibrant cultural scenes are achieved in both urban centers with a and in rural areas situated in a Read More


World Greatest Communities and its allied partners are affordable housing providers, with over 40 years of experience in the construction and development of homes and neighborhoods and infrastructure. The organization continues to serve the shelter needs of households with limited incomes and feels that housing for those who provide vital services within decent neighborhoods is important. These people include the following:

  • Teachers
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Bus Drivers

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Affordable Homeownership

WGCI provides affordable single family and multifamily home  
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Affordable Rental Housing

Those families earning very low and low incomes will qualify for
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Affordable Rental Housing for Seniors and the Disabled

These specially designed homes include features that promote
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Temporary or Transitional Living Program

WGCI works in conjunction with “for profit” and other “not for
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World’s Greatest Communities views technology as a bridge for the ideas, physical places, and things that shape the way we interact.Confronting the challenges that arise from today’s rapid pace of continual change in Economic Develop and Housing is achieved by identifying and incorporating solutions that offer flexibility, efficiency, and security. WGCI, and its associates, employ advances in technology to provide solutions that contribute to efficiencies of local and global economic growth and development efforts. This is achieved by focusing on 3 facets of technology to achieve optimal results for these communities:


WGCI works in conjunction with their collaborative partners to get optimal use of the internet, digital and Read More


New technologies increase efficiency in the workplace, traditional jobs are diminishing. As automation reduces the level Read More


Complications with aging, obsolete and unstable infrastructure continue to increase in frequency and costs continue to rise.Read More

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